Post-Install questions regarding Asterisk


I have a few questions about Asterisk, as I am new to it. I downloaded this asterisk source … 0.7.tar.gz and installed it on Red Hat AS 3.0. I did make, make install, make samples and make progdocs - all successfully. I can run /usr/sbin/asterisk -vvvc, getting to a CLI> prompt. So looks like everything is working properly. When I tried to install asterisk-addons (MySQL support for CDRs) the make failed to find asterisk.h. Using find, I saw that file only in my source directory - it was not copied to the system. Why?
Also, in the documentation I see that it can/does support H323. Can asterisk function as a H323 gatekeeper? How do I start it in that mode?

Thank you

because you need to compile the add-ons from the same directory as where your asterisk sources are located.

How am I to merge the sources? It seems that at the very least the Makefile is different. Am I just to backup the Asterisk Makefile and copy the addons source into Asterisk directory? Anyway, that’s what I did, and it seemed to compile in fine, and the messages on asterisk startup indicate that MySQL support has been compiled in too. Going back to the first question - how do I get it to function as H323 gatekeeper, or support in some way.