Porting compiled Asterisk to a clean Debian Etch

I’ve successful compiled Asterisk+Astersik-addon+zaptel+misdn+libpri on a clean Debian Etch host.

Now i wish port the compiled stuff on several Debian Etch machines, without recompile every time.

Anyone know how i can do this?

Eg, the list of effective binaries and libs or a tar.gz of precompiled stuff for Debian?


Why don’t you ghost it across? Are they virgin installs?


Because i need different system with different packages but with same Asterisk 1.4 setup.

I searched in debian backports but with no luck… very frustrating.

Well the only way I can see you managing that is to analyse the makefile to see where everything is dumped by the installation process.

What machine are you trying to compile it on, does’nt take an eternity to build it? I would have thought that just writing a bash script to do it all on each machine at once while you make a cup of tea would be a good bet?

Bash script on a flash stick anyone?



I have another issue: i must mantain the system as tiny as possible, and all lib-*-dev and compile requirements huge my systems for my need.

Well like I said originally, you will have to look at the makefile and see where everything goes. Can’t see any other way.

Mind you you could do a ‘find / -name ast’ and see what that turns up?

You may then find out the directory structure from that.



Then, download OpenWRT from its development SVN trunk (read this), configure it for x86 [v2.6] as the Target System, and select asterisk14 under the Network sub-menu. This will compile asterisk-1.4.11 (among other packages to generate) and generate a bunch of asterisk packages in .ipk file format. Hopefully, a Debian Linux distro will understand a .ipk file to install on its system.

BTW, the patches for asterisk-1.4.11 on OpenWRT SVN trunk can get patched all the way to asterisk-1.4.17. For asterisk-1.4.18, you probably will need to create your own patches for the getifaddrs because asterisk seems to be unable to link with the getifaddrs from the uClibc package.