Port Forwarding + Asterisk

Dear All,

I have a little bit complex scenario with my asterisk implementation. Currently im having some problems with having both external and internal connectivity to the asterisk server.

Here is the scenario. Initially the setup was working fine with a single SIP trunk and several IP phones in different network segments. Asterisk box was in the private network. So the SIP connectivity was not provided to the outside users.

Recently I had to add another network card to provide the public SIP access to the box. There was an existing internet connection and I forwarded all the ports (only for testing) to the box and set the NAT=yes.

But then the internal people complained me about one-way audio issue. when NAT=no it will solve the matter for the internals but external people will start experiencing the one-way audio issue…

Please advice me how to troubleshoot this problem and get it work for both the worlds…

thnx in advance…

Most people who set nat=yes don’t understand what it does.

You probably have directmedia set to yes (it used to be called canreinvite).