Audio not coming in NAT'd environment


I am new to Asterisk. Please bear.

I have a NAT’d setup ASterisk 1.8 is running outside NAT , One Client is behind NAT and second client is behind the NAT.

I have set NAT = route; directmedia=no for the client behind NAT in SIP.conf .
as well as globally NAT= route;directmedia=no is also set.

The client behind NAT originates the call to the client outside NAT.

Issue is ASterisk relays media packets to the private IP of client behind NAT.
Please help, what more settings are required to make asterisk send media to the Public IP/Port of the client behind NAT.
I am not using STUN/ICE.


Do you have externip and localnet parameters set in your sip.conf?

Asterisk is outside the NAT, so externip, etc., are not relevant.

The best solution is to make the client NAT aware. The next best one is to make the NAT router SIP aware, but there are some reports of Asterisk not getting on well with SIPALG routers.

It is possible that some value of nat= will work round clients which are broken so as to send internal addresses in their SDP, but I’m not sufficiently familiar with them. I don’t think anything will help if the port numbers are being translated.