I am unable to hear caller's voice!

Hello All,

My asterisk is behind firewall. (1.8.4)
I have configured my firewall to allow asterisk’s ports below:

5060 (tcp)
5060 (udp)
4569 (udp)
10001:20000 (udp)
5038 (tcp)

my problem is:

when call comes in, I am unable to hear caller’s voice!, but the caller able to hear my voice…
and the call dropped after 30 seconds

could any body please help?

thanks a lot in advance


Not much information here. My guess is that you have directmedia=yes.

You may also try nat=yes in sip.conf


what does directmedia=yes … where should I put it?

in my sip.conf I already had:

externip = X.X.X.X
fromdomain = yourdomain.com
localnet = 192.168.X.0/

what I missed?

please help

You should ensure that you DO NOT have directmedia=yes.

It goes in sip.conf and tells Asterisk that it should try to re-route the RTP directly between the end points.