Port Conflict between Asterisk GUI and Zimbra

I have installed both Asterisk along with its GUI and zimbra collaborative suite on same computer. Till the time i had not installed Asterisk GUI, I could access zimbra from the browser. Yesterday i installed Asterisk GUI. I could access asterisk configuration gui from the browser but i could not access zimbra collaborative suite from the browser. i changed port 80 for zimbra to port 81 and port 443 to port 444 as they were giving conflicts. now i can access asterisk gui, as well as i can access zimbra gui but i can’t login to the zimbra. the username and passwords are correct. i use the following addresses for accessing the GUIs.

Asterisk GUI … index.html

Zimbra Client GUI

Zimbra Administrator GUI

Can i change the port number for asterisk GUI web access? Kindly help me out.

You are more likely to have success on the forum for the particular Asterisk GUI. However, I believe they are all script based, so changing the source code should be easy.

Asterisk’s manager ports are set in http.conf and manager.conf.

In case this didn’t get addressed there…the port number for Asterisk’s HTTP interface is configured in /etc/asterisk/http.conf; look for the bindport parameter.