Poor audio quality softphones - fine with analogue gateways

I’ve got a recent install of Asterisknow on a decent spec PC (not sat at the system at the moment, so haven’t got exact details), nothing fancy done.

I’ve tried a variety of windows softphones and getting poor quality sound transmitted from them - garbled or just sections missing, big delay etc.

I’ve got a Grandstream FXS and seperate FXO box setup - quality through these is fine - I can call externally from a mobile and talk to a phone connected to the FXS and all I suffer is it being a little quiet.

But calling from or too a SIP softphone and the quality is significantly worse.

Going to look in to it more tomorrow, but any pointers for what I should be looking at/for?

While the softphones were on an old hub a couple of sets away from the catalyst we’ve recently got, the FXS box is running off exactly the same hub, so there shouldn’t be any network issues.

It sounds like a network issue. I suggest to monitor network traffic (packet loss/delay/jitter).

Would the network issues not also affect calls made through the FXS system, which is connected to the same hub?

Will have a look anyway and see if I can find any network issues.