Polycom IP430 "Internal Server Error"


I have approximately 20 Polycom IP 430’s running on my Asterisk 1.4 server and all of the phones reboot pariodicly and get stuck in provisioning status.

I am also getting the following error at the CLI>

Got SIP response 500 “Internal Server Error” back from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (the IP is x’ed out)

I have got to be missing something but I am not sure what.

A lot of help would greatly be appreciated. I am beating my head against the wall on this.


Were you able to figure this out?

I’m having the same problem with several of my Polycom phones too, and am not finding too much help.

Any pointers welcome!


I have the same issue but with a IP301. This started with the new release of Asterisk (1.4). That is the only change I’ve made.

Any know if Asterisk has changed some thing that could cause this?


PAtrick Arkley

I am having the same issue with only one of my Polycom phones. It is also the one I am having a performance issue with - the phone breaks up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated