Polycom Buddy List, could polycom really have been this dumb

I love the Polycom soundpoint IP 550, but it seems to have a wicked downfall.

In the speed dial list itself the polycom does not show busy lamps or busy status; however if you set it to watch mode it will show busy status if you go to your buddy list view. This is fine until you actually go to transfer a call.

When you hit transfer the dynamic soft keys change and you lose the Buddies key which so conveniently shows the status of other extensions. Now at this critical moment of transfer, you cannot see who is on the phone and who is not without navigating 4 menu’s. In other words if you navigate the actual menus you can eventually find the buddy list again but that defeats the purpose and it is not user friendly whatsoever. We run a hosted SIP business pbx provider and telling a customer to navigate menu’s is not something we’re prepared to do.

My question, is there a way to re-assign a hard key on the polycom or re configure the soft key settings mid-call so you still have one touch access to the buddy list?

I know of no way of programming either soft or hard keys in the polycom phones. On there support site there is a feature request form, I and I am sure several others have requested the same feature. I would highly suggest you add another - maybe we will see it in SIP 3!

wow, it really kills the buddy list at the necessary time. Maybe they did it on purpose so people have to use speed dials and buy more side cars?