Polycom and HotDesking on Asterisk

Can I use Polycom phones with HotDesking feature?
I want to be able to login with my user profile on any Polycom phone in my office. Is that possible?

While asterisk has no native hotdesk functionality it is possible to write your own using Dialplan or one of the asterisk API’s.

Here is an example:


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John, thank you for replying. Will this work with Polycom IP Phones as well?

It would work with any phone you have interfaced to your PBX as long as it can dial the needed extensions to log in and out.

Not sure if this is the right forum, but how to invoke this programmatically from 3rd party application server? Is there an interface on Asterisk to do that? Is there a document that explains that or another forum you can suggest?

There is AMI The Asterisk Manager Interface

AGI The Asterisk Gateway Interface

And ARI the Asterisk REST Interface

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I was doing some researches about Hot Desking and I found these 3 different scenarios, could please tell me, which of the following is the one you are planning to implement ?

Shared Office/Co-working Space: Users from different companies can leverage the same phone hardware and desk while keeping their own phone number and voicemail access…

Traveling Sales or Field Team: Sales reps can log into any Hot Desk-enabled phone while working out of different offices, maintaining ease of reach and the professionalism of having a single phone number and extension.

24/7 Call Center: Shift workers at contact centers who share the same desk but maintain separate voicemail boxes and phone numbers can benefit from Hot Desk.

I guess for immediate customer it’s a second option where the phone is the same but different people login with their extension. they only use it for outbound, so it does not matter regarding voicemail.
We have done with other type of PBX systems already and trying to see if it is possible on Asterisk. I have not checked links the John posted yet, but if you know specifics please let me know.