Polycom 500/501 Phones with Asterisk

I’m trying to figure out the functionalty the soft keys on a Polycom phone can provide. I’m thinking about purchasing 12 500 phones and I currently have 6 lines. Since there are only three line appearances on the 500 how can a user pickup the other lines? What happens if the first three lines are in use and the a call comes in, will the phone ring and what line will it show it’s coming from? Is there a way through the soft keys to have all 6 lines available?

Another question is about the soft keys and extensions. Can the soft keys be programmed to list all 12 phones and dial any of those 12 extensions? How is this accomplished? Page up/page down buttons?

Any other information about the soft keys would be nice.

Any information is appreciated. Polycom was anything but helpful when trying to get these questions answered.


Look at these threads to start

forums.digium.com/viewtopic.php? … highlight=


Thanks for the info, however, no one goes into detail on what can be done with the soft keys are whether a 3 line Polycom 500 can actually display 6 lines in some way. Anyone?

I would assume the soft keys are like most other phones where you can program them for speed dialing and other functions. Have you looked into callwaiting in zapata this would be the only way I can think of to notify you when another call is comming in then you would use a hook flash to pickup the other line. Sorry but I have never used the polycom phones

Can other phones like Cisco be programmed to show more lines than the number of line buttons they have?