Polycom 301 FTP problem

I have a Polycom 301 and Polycom 501. I have configured them to pull the configs through FTP. I was able to flash both phones with the latest bootrom and the 501 pulles directory information and config information through FTP. However the 301 only pulls the directory information and does not pull the configs for the phone. It is writing logs to the FTP directory, but there are no errors in the logs. Does anyone have experience using the 301 phones that might know what I am doing wrong?

301 bootlog

I think it uses file-timestamps from the ftp server to determine if a download is required. Nothing new, nothing downloaded. I didn’t see it look for a config - there should be:
macaddr.cfg (from 000000000000.cfg)
macaddr-phone.cfg (per-phone from phone1.cfg)
macaddr-directory.xml (if a directory is desired)

where macaddr is the hex mac address.

What does the ftp-server log look like? The “has not changed” log entry indicates (I believe) that t looked but saw nothing new.