Polycom 301 and Call Waiting

I currently have Asterisk running with one X100p and five Polycom 301. My problem is that my PSTN line has the Call Waiting feature and I am unable to flash between calls using the new Polycom IP phones.

If anyone know how to do it please let me know…



What version are you using on your polycom phone? beinng that you have a polycom 301, you can upgrade to firmware version 1.5.2 whic h support call waiting in a much better fashion (in my opinion). it will actually ring each call onto it’s own line button vs. a single line button you have to scroll through to answer.

Firmware: ftp://ftp.atacomm.com/Public/Support/Po … rmware_152

In your phonexxx.cfg file, you need to update them to the new firmware files. The key settings are:

reg.1.lineKeys="" ; Number of Keys to use as lines - Mine is 2
reg.1.callsPerLineKey="" ; Number of Calls Per Line - Mine is 1

Those settings should have a second call come in and ring onto the second line button on your phone.