PLease help!

Hello all,

I need your help!!!
I have installed an analogue card, a TDM400P with two modules,one FXS and one FXO…On the FXS port i have attached an analog phone and on the FXO port i have connected the PSTN line…
For these two, I have two different channels and two different contexts.
I have problem with the calls that comes from outside.I put firstly s,1,Answer and then s,2,Dial(from-sip,200,1) because I want to place a call to this particular number…

The result is:
– Starting simple switch on ‘Zap/2-1’
== Starting Zap/2-1 at out,s,1 failed so falling back to exten ‘s’
== Starting Zap/2-1 at out,s,1 still failed so falling back to context ‘default’
– Executing [s@default:1] Wait(“Zap/2-1”, “1”) in new stack
– Executing [s@default:2] Answer(“Zap/2-1”, “”) in new stack
[Nov 27 17:22:46] DEBUG[7929]: chan_zap.c:2789 zt_answer: Took Zap/2-1 off hook
[Nov 27 17:22:46] DEBUG[7929]: chan_zap.c:1458 zt_enable_ec: Enabled echo cancellation on channel 2
[Nov 27 17:22:46] DEBUG[7929]: chan_zap.c:1477 zt_train_ec: No echo training requested
– Executing [s@default:3] Set(“Zap/2-1”, “TIMEOUT(digit)=5”) in new stack
– Digit timeout set to 5
– Executing [s@default:4] Set(“Zap/2-1”, “TIMEOUT(response)=10”) in new stack
– Response timeout set to 10
– Executing [s@default:5] BackGround(“Zap/2-1”, “demo-congrats”) in new stack

P.S when I have both of my channels in the same context ,I have problem with the analog phone ,because when I pick the phone to call some number it calls immediately the 200…(as I put in my dial plan)–If i do any modification I run to the same problem that I posted to you before.

Please help me!!!

you’ll need to post your zapata.conf, your extensions.conf for the appropriate contexts, and a log file fragment for the entire failed call.