Please Help Me! newbie asterisk/digium

I keep posting and nobody will answer, yet the other posts are answered… so I keep posting

Suse 9.2
2x TDM400P, one with 4 fxo and the other with 4 fxs modules
1x TE100P

I can modprobe zaptel without problem. when I modprobe wcfxo (to load cards?) i get:

ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 25: No such device or address (6)
FATAL: Error running install command for wcfxo

what other info should i provide for somebody to help me???


Wasn’t the channel number in your previous post “26”? Now it’s “25”?

Don’t have a definitive answer, as I only use one TDM card, which uses channels 1 through 4. 25 doesn’t seem right to me.

no it was channel 1 the first time. it keeps switching after a restart and i don’t know why…

I should have a 32 channel system

Hmmm, paste your zaptel.conf?

These three cards are in the same system? Maybe that’s the problem? IRQ sharing?

here’s my zaptel.conf

bchan=1-23 # set this to 1-15,17-31 for E1
dchan=24 # set this to 16 for E1

TDM40B card:

fxoks=25-28 # Change X to the number of FXS modules you have on the card, if only one, remove the ‘-X’

TDM04B card:

fxsks=29-32 # Change X to the number of FXO modules you have on the card, if only one, remove the ‘-X’

Sorry, when I saw 100P, I was thinking X100P, hence the confusion over channel 25.

Maybe one of the real techs will wander by soon.