Please help installing asterisk

I installed asterisk 1.4 and want to run it whenever I boot my server
but when I go to /etc/default/asterisk to edit the file, there is no
the configuration file right there in the /etc/defaul/ path
I tried to compile and installed asterisk again but it wasn’t work.

How can I fix this problem? :cry:

How did u install it , from the Source or as an rpm.

I suggest you to install from source

Make sure you have the following before u install
a. bison and bison-devel
b. openssl and openssl-devel
c. gcc and gcc-c++
d. ncurses and ncurses-devel
e. zlib and zlib-devel
f. gnutls-devel

a. ./configure ïƒ This configures the package before compilation, based on the environment.
b. make ïƒ Compiles the package
c.make Install ïƒ installs the package
d. make samples ïƒ installs sample configuration files (optional) <-- this is missing in ur case
e. make config ïƒ Installs Asterisk as a service