Playback using http

Hi team,

I have a strange issue. I have 2 different asterisk machines.
1 is running Asterisk 14.7.0 . I run Playback( it works perfectly fine.
2nd is running Asterisk 14.7.6 I run the same playback url here but it does not.

Is there any package missing ? any idea if someone can guide please?

Thank you

updates –
i have found the issue it was res_http_post and res_http_media_cache now i can see file is being played but i cant hear anything. Anything else you think it could be ?


One way audio is normally a NAT or firewall configuration issue, but can also be a failure to enable internal timing.

Hi David,

Do you suggest anything to check ? i am running out of ideas :wink:

The logs in particular the result of enable RTP logging, and of checking the address in the protocol debug logging against those that should be there to traverse the router.