Playback(URI) fails - SSL verification

Hey guys, I am trying to use Asterisk for its voicemail feature.

I have an external (on a remote server) application that communicates with Asterisk with the Asterisk Rest Interface.

Host = Asterisk
Remote = Application (ARI)

I want to tell Asterisk to play a media file on specific URLs (Voice messages, and greetings), but these messages are on the remote server and accessible behind a proxy and some self signed certificates.

When I send to asterisk the Playback url to play, it gives me the *SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate*, but the host of Asterisk has all the certs installed correctly on it (tested with curl command and openssl commands). I wonder if theres a special configuration in Asterisk that need to be done where I should specify the ca-bundle I use for my remote application or if it should use the host default bundle ?


Such functionality uses libcurl underneath. Iā€™m not familiar with how it works in regards to CA bundles, and currently there is no configuration in Asterisk for anything to do with its TLS.

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