Playback sound problem


For me I have strange problem which I can not resolved.
For our customer I install Asterisk 11.22.0 and it have an IP address They have around 200 phones, which are in network. Phones are registered, everything is fine. But I have one problem. They want to have na WakeUpCall, so I find one script writen in PERL, and use it in dialplan:

exten => 88888,1,NoOp(WakeUP call)
exten => 88888,n,AGI(wake_up_call.agi)
exten => 88888,n,Hangup()

When I am connected with phone to network it works without problem, but when I connect phone to network there is no sound. Scritp is running, but I do not here anything.

Asterisk is installed on VMWare and I am not admin of network. They have CISCO switches.

So everything is working, you can call other phones, external phones, GSM,… no problem. Problem is only when they dial 88888, and there is no sound from script.

Here is AGI debug:

RTP debug:

SIP conf:

I forgot to make SIP debug :rage:

Anybody have similar problem.

Thank you and best regards,

You didn’t include your phones in your sip.conf pastebin.

nothing special! I use template for all extensions, like this:
for example:

> [accounti-offices](!)
> type=friend
> context=interni_klici_cityhotel
> host=dynamic
> transport=udp
> disallow=all
> allow=alaw
> allow=ulaw
> pickupgroup=1
> callgroup=1
> dtmfmode=rfc2833
> qualify=yes
> directmedia=no
> call-limit=10

> ;extensions use accounti-offices template
> [100](accounti-offices)
> secret=XXXXX
> callerid="adasdasd"<100>
> notifyringing=yes

Maybe I am closer to find solution :slight_smile: On the same network where are phones, I registered X-lite softphone and it is working, so I think the problem is in phones. But now it is question WHAT?

on the general section you should add the localnet= to your sip.conf,

No it was not that.

Problem was that phone did not get any 180 ringing. So I fix dialplan and now it is working.