How to play background music in IVR flow

Hi Team,
Does anyone know of a way to play an audio file in the background while playing different files in the foreground? What I want to do is play a background music through out the IVR flow.

Hope someone knows how to do this. Please help me out. Thanks.

I would suggest that you use Background() app for creating your IVR. You do not need to make any “special channel merging”, just use Background() and prepare the IVR recording so it fits your needs (you can include the background music in the IVR recording itself).

As dejanst suggests, the only easy way is to pre-mix.

However, if this is a public service, I would suggest that you check on your country’s disability discrimination legislation before doing this, as background music on TV programmes is a common cause of complaint by people with poor hearing, particularly the elderly.

The only other technical approach I can think of would be to set up a conference including a music channel and the IVR channel, but that is going to involve a lot of work.

This should have been asked on Asterisk Support.