Play sounds after meetme ends realtime 'L' option

I’m using asterisk 1.8 and have meetme realtime configuration.
howto play “thank you for nice conf …goodbye” sound after meetme ends

I was trying adding L(60000:30000:2000) option into opts column in meetme table but it seems to be ignored.

my dialplan for looks:

exten => s,1,Answer same => n,Set(CONFNO=${ODBC_GET_CONFNO(${CDR(dst)})}) same => n,Set(CONF_LIMIT_TIMEOUT_FILE=hello-world) ; just for testing same => n,Set(CONF_LIMIT_WARNING_FILE=digits/1) ; just for testing same => n,NoOp(${CONFNO}) same => n,Playback(pl/Welcome_message) same => n,Meetme(${CONFNO}) same => n,Hangup

Small update:
L option with parameters stored in database works. (the problem was too short varchar definition in DB)
but it doesn’t resolve the problem.
Using realtime config I can extend planned duration of confcall modyfying endtime in DB, with L option it is impossible.

maybe I describe my problem not solution which not works :smile:
I think I have two questions:

  1. How to play “thnak you for using our system” message after scheduled meetme ends
  2. How to coninue dialplan after scheduled meetme ends?

Waiting for some smart tips :smiley:
Best Maciej