Play message after Meetme conference ends

In my dial plan I have two extensions for conference rooms. One for the boss with option “A” and one one for the underlings:

exten => 601,1,Playback(welcome) exten => 601,n,MeetMe(1001,Mixcp) exten => 601,n,Playback(goodbye) exten => 601,n,Hangup()

If the boss kicks a participant out of the meeting, the participant hears a message that he/she was kicked plus the goodbye specified in the third line. When the marked user aka the boss hangs up and thus kills the whole conference, the underlings hear only that so-and-so has left, then busy. I’d like to play a goodbye message in that case as well. How can I do that? Using a +101 priority didn’t do the trick. (I’m using Asterisk

I think, I found a solution: wrapping the MeetMe application with TryExec will make sure that the call returns to dial plan no matter how MeetMe exits.

exten => 601,1,Playback(welcome) exten => 601,n,TryExec(MeetMe(1001,Mixcp)) exten => 601,n,Playback(goodbye) exten => 601,n,Hangup()

There is also a channel variable TRYSTATUS which isn’t mentioned in ATFoT (2nd Ed)
See here: … yexec.html

Never heard of TryExec before. Good to know about it.