Play music during talk

Person A and Person B

  1. Person A call Person B.
  2. Person B receive call and listen music.
  3. Also Person A listen Person B talk with that music.

Is it possible asterisk? if possible how can i do this?

You can mix audio either by using a conference or the ChanSpy facility.

However, unless the system is purely internal, and you are using essentially linear codecs (G.711 (mu- and A-law)), I would advise against it. GSM codecs, as used by mobile phones, don’t handle music well, and are likely to get confused by having music and speech combined. That is true of most low bit rate codecs, but I mention them because they will be used by PSTN mobile phone calls.

Thank you @david551 How to play background music during talk each others?

You should also evaluate your disability compliance, as people with hearing difficulties have difficulties with background music. This is a common complaint from older people, in relation to background music on TV programmes.

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