Play file and get DTMF But Do not stop playing until the end

Hello everyone,
I use asterisk for a while. But for this problem i did not offer a solution.
So I chose to raise it in this forum maybe there is something I missed.
I have to write a dialplan that play sound file and he Should to get DTMF But!
Do not stop playing the file until the end of file
or hangup . and keep the DTMF in Variable


You’ll need to modify the source code of ast_builtin_background in main/pbx.c. It looks like it should be a relatively easy change.

First Thanks for quick response.
Do you or anyone know any patch/module that does it correctly / right way ?


It is behaving correctly. You have a feature request not a bug.

Hello everyone,
After a comprehensive search in all the sites relating to VOIP .
I concluded that there is no shelf solution for my problem.
So I wrote one.
And you can download it at .
So thanks to all who tried to help.