PJSIP show contact Not working as intended

Good day.

Im trying to see via cli if an endpoint is available

in sip i would use:
sip show peer 300
it will then return unavailable etc etc

im trying this with pjsip
pjsip show contact 300

it always returns Unable to find object 300
if in console and i tab after the 300
it completes it to 300/sip:300@41.xxx.xxx.xxx:12776

however that is not going to help with scripting
is there a wildcard search like pjsip show contact 300*

Or is there another method of finding is a pjsip extension is available

Thanks for any help

There is no way to do that, and generally the output is for humans.

What you can do is display the AOR instead using “pjsip show aor” which will provide all the contacts.