What is the difference betweeon `pjsip show aors` output?


I am using Asterisk 13. I have a few questions.

Question-1. I am trying to see which aors are connected to contacts. All the extensions have contact but some of them shows “Created” and some of them shows “Unknown”. Can someone explain the reasons?
Please check the following output:

  Aor:  <Aor..............................................>  <MaxContact>
Contact:  <Aor/ContactUri............................> <Hash....> <Status> <RTT(ms)..>


  Aor:  1100                                                 2
Contact:  1100/sip:1100@            76488cb437 Created       0.000

  Aor:  1101                                                 2
Contact:  1101/sip:1101@            6f359f3b49 Unknown         nan

  Aor:  1102                                                 2
Contact:  1102/sip:1102@            09a20cc8a2 Created       0.000

  Aor:  1103                                                 2
Contact:  1103/sip:1103@            d3db0ead23 Unknown         nan

Question-2. Also, I created hints for some of the extensions. How can I check using asterisk CLI command which extension is getting information from asterisk hints?

Question-3. Is there a way to park a call and receive parked call using the same extension number?
For example.
If the call is going on(call is in between some remote number and extension 1101) then I parked that call transfering to 701 and Now I want to pick up that parked call by dialing 701.
Currently, I have a system where I park call transferring to 701 parking space using 7011 and pick up that parked call using 701. Instead of using 7011 and 701, I want to use the same 701 number to do both the application.


Item 3 sounds more like a two party conference than a parking operation.

To do it with parking you would need to park to a specific slot and, if possible, detect a collision for that spot, or record the spot’s status using something like group counts.

Item 2; what does “core show hints” not give you.

As for question 1 you’d need to specify what full version of Asterisk you are referring to. That support was rewritten in recent versions and may not exhibit the same behavior.

Using 13.9.1 in one device and another has 13.18.3 Asterisk.

Those are using the old OPTIONS code, so I’m not sure how they would behave or why it would be doing that.

Thanks, @jcolp and @david551.

I think what I want is similar to SLA.

SLA is missing in my asterisk. Can you guys explain the steps to install SLA in asterisk 13.

I have “dahdi” install for both the machine.
I am using OpenWRT so used telephony to install the asterisk.
On ther device, I am using Ubuntu18 so used “apt install asterisk” to install.

I read about installing meetme first but did not find meetme package and read that confbridge replaced the meetme. So SLA will work based on the confbridge?