Pjsip ressource_list blf get stuck after half an hour grandstream gxp2160

hey everyone,
due to the home-office work,
I’ve recently upgraded my (asterisk) pbx system to one on-site and one off site system to better handle the situation (mostly bad internet connexion on-site) and at the same time, tried to improve the way we use it, I’ve switched to pjsip and manage to make most of it work. and everything is in sync.

what I’ve done:

  • I’m trying to use event list blf so if I need to add a phone, I don’t need to go over all phones to change it.
  • I’ve created a ressource_list type in pjsip.conf
  • I’ve set up eventlist blf to use mpk and autoprovisioning

the problem:

  • after a random amount of time, between 5 min and 30 min, all the blf get stucks to the last status
  • when this happen, the command pjsip list subscription inbound doesn’t list my phone anymore for a while, and sometime it come back after a few time but not every blf light get unstuck

here’s what i’ve found so far:
the phone is trying to make multiple subscribe to the list and even if I only see one in asterisk (pjsip list subscriptions inbound), i’ve noticed that if at the beginning I just get one notify (I’m using full state, but the problem remain without it) , but after some time, it seems like i get many ones almost every seconds.

I don’t see any ACK or 200 ok from the phone after a notify, but I’m not sure there should be one?

here what it looks like in wireshark:

I’ve tried to play with subscription expiry time in the phone with both big and small number (from 1 min to 1 day) and the problem remain the same. one thing to note, is when i change the time and save it, all blf reset and start working again till the problem come back

when I use regular BLF everything works honky-dory.

I’m not sure if it’s more a problem in asterisk or in my phone, so i’ve posted in both forums.

Please tell me if you need any more log or trace.

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