PJSIP redirect_method

Hello, everyone.
I cannot see the redirect_method configuration option in PJSIP with the PJSIP SHOW ENDPOINT … command. Where is it? I want to try different redirect methods, as described. My asterisk is 16.3.

It appears as though the option doesn’t have the functionality to have it appear in “show endpoint” but the output does still exist and is configurable according to the wiki[1]. If an invalid option or parameter is specified then it is stated when res_pjsip.so is loaded.

[1] https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Asterisk+16+Configuration_res_pjsip#Asterisk16Configuration_res_pjsip-endpoint_redirect_method

What is meant by redirect? Is it what is done with the transfer function that issues a 302 redirect message?

The option does not control the use of Transfer() at all. It controls how a blind transfer as done by a remote device is handled.

I see. This handles transfers to my asterisk from remote systems.

From remote systems or endpoints, yes.

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