Redirecting problem

I need to redirect calls to external numbers. The provider says my asterisk does not send the 302 header. I am using PJSIP, asterisk 15. I try to set up the redirecting information with the redirecting function, then dial. The diversion header is OK. Should I turn on specific setting to generate 302 headers?

A lot of people include Answer when the they don’t need it. Doing that will stop 302 being usable.

(I assume you are calling the Transfer application. Generally you need to provide dialplan, and verbose logs with protocol debugging enabled.)

Thank you for reply.
I originally call Dial application, but, following your recommendation, substituted it for Transfer application. Now I receive the 302 message, but then the call ends.

My dial plan:
exten => _.,1,Progress()
same => n,GoToIf([{REDIRECTING(count)}>0]?redirected:notredirected)
same => n(redirected),Set(REDIRECTING(to-num,i)={CALLERID(dnid)}) same => n,Set(REDIRECTING(to-num-pres)=allowed) same => n(notredirected),NoOp(Not Redirected) same => n,Set(REDIRECTING(from-num,i)={CALLERID(dnid)})
same => n,Set(REDIRECTING(reason,i)=cfu)
same => n,Set(REDIRECTING(count,i)=[{REDIRECTING(count)}+1])
same => n,Transfer(PJSIP/sip:83952613613@peer-ip:5060)

I cannot understand what I should do after calling Transfer.

Checked the debug log, the transfer is executed twice. The first time the status is succeeded, the second time - failure. I do not understand, why it is executed twice.

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