PJSIP Realtime - Still sends OPTIONS on REJECTED endpoint

I am running asterisk version 16.8-cert12, I am using realtime database to configure pjsip. I have a couple endpoints configured in the databases. The endpoints all register successfully and are able to send and receive calls.

I have edge case that i need to help solving… When a users enters invalid credentials pjsip registration will fail as expected. After the mex_retries is reach the registration attempts stop as expect. However, the OPTIONS are still being sent out at the qualify_frequency. I don’t want pjsip to send out OPTIONS if the endpoint is in a REJECTED state.

Any help would be great.

Asterisk 16 is no longer supported. Certified versions are not supported here; you should use your paid support contract.

Is this an inbound or an outbound registration.

If inbound, is the previous good registration unexpired?

max_retries only appears to apply to outgoing registrations. Outgoing registrations are about telling the other side where to send incoming calls; they are nothing to do with the handling of outgoing calls.

In any case, the type=registration section isn’t associated with an endpoint. I suspect you could even do third party registrations.

It is outbound registration and works good.

TX ext:200 cseq:100 REGISTER
< RX ext:200 cseq:100 200 OK (REGISTER)

TX ext:200 cseq:100 OPTIONS (sent every 60 seconds and configure by qualify_frequency)
< RX ext:200 cseq:100 200 OK (OPTIONS)

However, i want to know how to configure pjsip when registration fails. currently, After registration fails and max_retries have been reached pjsip stops transmitting REGISTER but pjsip still transmits the OPTIONS for the endpoint

I was explaining why you can’t do it.

I suppose you could poll the registration state and update the contact state, accordingly.

Note that there is no change to the endpoint state. It is the registration that is rejected, and registrations are not connected to endpoints.

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