PJSIP From Header Display Name

we have migrated all our sip trunk from chan_sip to pjsip smoothly

but one of our provider no accepting the from header without Display Name

From a packet capture; using chan_sip
From: “+911414975060” sip:+911414975060@rj.ims.airtel.in;tag=f6c50711b4b44df598f23f3dfef98e94

Using PJSIP it looks like
From: sip:+911414975060@rj.ims.airtel.in;tag=9e318a8a-6a55-4902-b1f3-7d9714825ed4

Asterisk 18.13.0
PJPROJECT version currently running against: 2.12

put the From User part on the From Display name to have the same value and you r good to fo.
On any case it will be the same number

I did not find “From user” part in PJSIP registration configuration.

Find here below registration config

type = registration
server_uri = sip:
client_uri = sip:+91XXXXXXXXXX@rj.ims.airtel.in
contact_user = +91XXXXXXXXXX
;outbound_proxy = sip:
outbound_auth = airtel_auth
retry_interval = 30
endpoint= airtel

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