Chan_sip to chan_pjsip dialstring help

I’m testing chan_pjsip and I cannot find a way to manipolate “From” and “To” headers, in chan_sip I use a dialstring like that:


In PJSIP i tryed to use PJSIP_HEADER in the post dial hook, without success:

-- Executing [add@test-pjsip-header:23] Set("PJSIP/AST2-0000001e", "PJSIP_HEADER(update,To)=<sip:123456@>") in new stack

[Mar 24 11:21:14] ERROR[26158]: res_pjsip_header_funcs.c:381 update_header: There was no header named To.

I tried “to and To”, using only the 123456 or a sip uri, without success…

Does anyone know how “convert”:

for PJSIP?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The only thing that is possible in a Dial string is specifying a URI to dial at an endpoint:


If an outbound proxy is specified on endpoint then it would go to the outbound proxy with the URI as the To. The only manipulation of the From is the callerid information, or from_user/from_domain in the endpoint configuration.

Thanks for your fast reply, I will try to look the source code and I will try to check if it’s possible to use “pbx_builtin_getvar_helper” somewhere without broking all :slight_smile:

I’m trying to understand how pjsip work, and I wrote a custom res_pjsip_xxx.c to do some test.

I know the code is ugly, it’s just a test… :slight_smile:

static void outgoing_request(struct ast_sip_session *session, pjsip_tx_data * tdata) {
	char buffer[8192];
	const char *val = NULL;

	pjsip_msg_print(tdata->msg, buffer, 8192);
	//ast_log(LOG_ERROR, "\nAAAOUT1 REQ [%i]\n%s\n\n", tdata->msg->type, buffer);
	if ((val = pbx_builtin_getvar_helper(session->channel, "IB"))) {
		ast_log(LOG_WARNING, "AAAOUT2 REQ [%s]\n", val);
		pjsip_fromto_hdr *to;
		to = pjsip_msg_find_hdr(tdata->msg, PJSIP_H_TO, NULL);
		pjsip_name_addr *to_id_name_addr = (pjsip_name_addr *)to->uri;
		pjsip_sip_uri *to_uri = pjsip_uri_get_uri(to_id_name_addr);
		pj_strset2(&to_uri->user, val);


I’m able to set the To: username part, but I cannot manipulate the to header in the generated ACK…

Some ideas?

These are developer level questions, and would be better on the developer mailing list or IRC channel.

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