"From" and "Call-ID" SIP headers in chan_pjsip


Is there a possibility to add Display name/CallerID to From header for chan_pjsip INVITE in Trunk configuration?

Using chan_sip, From header looks like (and this is what my provider requires):

From: "Display name" <sip:provider@domain>;

But using chan_pjsip it looks like:

From: <sip:provider@domain>;

from_user = provider
parameter in the SIP Trunk configuration always overwrites/covers the Display name obtained from the user settings.

Is there any way to set Display name in the chan_pjsip Trunk configuration?

My second question is about Call-ID header.

For chan_sip it looks like:
Call-ID: 613b36736867a29a51f3111d7873299f@domain

For chan_pjsip it is just:
Call-ID: 613b36736867a29a51f3111d7873299f

Is there any solution to add domain name or IP address at the end of the Call-ID header?

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No, it is not possible to set the display name and no it is not possible to add a domain to the Call-ID.

There isn’t a problem. The call ID is completely valid. Anything not accepting it, or expecting it to have any semantics beyond being a globally unique identifier for the call, is broken.

Even when it contains @, there is no requirement that what follows the @ be a domain name:

Call-ID  =  ( "Call-ID" / "i" ) HCOLON callid
callid   =  word [ "@" word ]

Several examples in the SIP RFC contain no domain part.

As you already know from_user parameter will override any user setting, but why your provider doesn’t take the display name from the Remote Party ID header, assuming he just wants this information only for caller id purposes

I suspect the provider is abusing the display name to carry the real caller ID, or even more confusing, the account name.

We need to know how the provider is abusing it, to give any real help, and even then we might need to know if they have alternative mechanisms, for a good answer.


Thank you for your replies.

I wanted to be sure there was nothing I could do on my side. I will negotiate changes on the provider’s side.

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