Pjsip.conf setup

I have an endpoint [a trunk] that requires registration in order to send Asterisk calls. I have a 2nd endpoint [a sip phone] that wants to BOTH register to Asterisk and send calls to other endpoints in Asterisk. I’m a little mystified about the phone configuration. Should it look like




Do I understand correctly ???

res_pjsip Configuration Examples - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki covers the typical inward registration from phone and outbound registration to provider configurations. Your code does outbound to both and, as it has no type=aor section doesn’t make outbound calls easy.

Thanks. I realized after I posted that the “context=” line goes in the endpoint section instead of the registration section. I left out the aor section for simplicity. Had to study the examples in order to figure the “phone” endpoint section out.

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