Asterisk outbound call to nonregistered endpoints with PJSIP

I’m trying to make an outbound call to an endpoint that is not configured in pjsip.conf and not registered in Asterisk. However, I get the error “Couldn’t create PJSIP channel”. Is there any additional configuration I need to add to Asterisk?

This isn’t really enough information to understand what is going on. An endpoint is always used and required, as it defines the underlying configuration. You can specify a SIP URI though in combination:


We have an application that uses AMI to make outbound calls to an endpoint i.e. cm@, cm being a call mask that is registered on said application. If we register an endpoint named “”, we can create the channel. Otherwise, when we instruct our application to make a call using AMI, this is the console’s output:

We would like to create an outbound call without having to register every single endpoint.

Then you need to use the mechanism I stated. You specify an endpoint and a SIP URI to dial.

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Thank you! We ended up configuring an endpoint default in pjsip.conf and it works like a charm. Thanks for the patience.

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