PJSIP - change sdp_session String, default_from_user and default_realm

Hello guys.

In PJSIP it’s possible change username owner session? I see in documentation the parameter sdp_session, but not is specificated where he must configurated. Are there any prerequisites for this?

Other topic, I execute rasterisk -x “pjsip show settings” appear for me:
Global Settings:

ParameterName : ParameterValue

contact_expiration_check_interval : 30
debug : no
default_from_user : asterisk
default_outbound_endpoint : default_outbound_endpoint
default_realm : asterisk

It’s possible change name ‘asterisk’ in default_from_user and default_realm? I tried insert default_from_user=test on [global] session in pjsip.conf, but don’t changed the name.

You can help me?

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