BT SDIN. Need to change from field. Add ";user=phone"

Hi. Im hoping someone can help me.

I need to connect an asterisk system to BT SDIN SIP trunks.

I have managed to get everything working apart from a requirement to have “;user=phone” in the from field.

So I need to change my from field in the invite from:

From: sip:+44123456789@;tag=jdjsje


From: sip:+44123456789@;user=phone;tag=jdjsje

The asterisk version on this system is 13.10. And I’m using chan_sip and can not change to pjsip.

Many thanks in advance. :grin:

The sip.conf configuration file provides an option[1] which may do as you wish.


Hi thanks for the suggestion. I have tried that and it added it to the to and invite uri but not the from field.

Solved. Had to use pjsip and asterisk 17.5.

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