Pjsip_aor max_contacts limit

in the documentation i can not find a limit for the max_contacts value.
Is there one?

There is no enforced limit from the perspective of Asterisk, but there’s inherently limits in places - such as the type of variable that it is stored in, plus the size of packets (a response to a REGISTER includes the current list of Contacts).

Thank for the explanation @jcolp.

If i have n-device with one contact, are the n-device possible to make a outgoing call simultaneously?

You’re going to need to specify what “outgoing call” means to you.

If you mean a phone placing an outgoing call to a VoIP provider, for example, then there’s no limits except any you yourself add, limits of the system itself, or limits of the VoIP provider.

I am fine with answer. Thank you!

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