PJSIP 2.12 upgrade in Asterisk 18.10

After PJSIP 2.10 vulnerabilities, I can see Asterisk has upgraded pjsip with 2.12 in Asterisk 18.
But not able to find the same in Asterisk 18.10

So is there any plan in near future to add the changes in Asterisk 18.10 or will it come in separate sub branch of Asterisk 18?


Joshua C. Colp added a comment - 01/Apr/22 11:31 AM
The next releases which would include it would be 16.26.0, 18.12.0, and 19.4.0 in approximately 4-6 weeks.

also you should upgrade to 18.11.2 to get the latest security fixes to pjsip

as Asterisk 18.11 has been released there will not be any security releases for 18.10

Are these different issues from the PJSUA only ones (Asterisk does not use PJSUA)?

There were other ones we did security releases for previously - they were minor[1]. Even the pjsua ones were minor (and as I’ve mentioned before we weren’t impacted) but they were blown out of proportion. We’re not impacted by any others recently published.

[1] Asterisk 16.24.1, 18.10.1, 19.2.1 and 16.8-cert13 Now Available (Security) ⋆ Asterisk

Thanks for the update @TheMark.
Will surely upgrade to 18.11.2

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