PickupGroup questions


Can someone help me with (one or all :smile:) following questions:

  • If multiple phones that you can pickup (via PickupGroup), are ringing, which one will be pickup up ? (the one that started ringing first or last ? the one that occures first in extensions.conf ? totally random ?)
  • Can you find out in the database or via the manager which phones can pickup the phone when it starts ringing (for sending notification), or is the pickupGroup only checked once someone presses *8 ?
    The idea is, if A starts ringing, and B,C,D may pickup this phone, they get some sort of message…
  • The previous can be solved by “EventLists” or something like that, but I don’t know if and how this is implemented in Asterisk. Info on this might be useful too…


I am bit confused please explain the requirement some what more clear

In features.conf enable the pickupexten=*8 and in the extension.conf add the below two lines.

exten => *8,1,pickup(${EXTEN}@CSS)

and group the required phones by pickup parameter in sip.conf

Now if there is a call to any number in that group someone from the same group can pick up the call by dialing the *8.

He’s asking what happens if more than one phone in the group is ringing, so that there is an ambiguity as to which call the pickup code will answer.

I would say that the answer is formally undefined and therefore could change from version to version, however, if you look at the source code you should be able to work out the algorithm used.