More advanced pickup?

Hi folks

The scenario:
I have a room with 4 people, 4 phones, 4 numbers. They must be in a group “support”. Phone N1 rigrs but the person is at lunch. Person N2 dial *8 on its phone and answer the call. With callgroup and pickupgroup this is fine, working. But what if person 1 and person 2 are out of office and both phones 1 and 2 are ringing, how can I choose which call to pick up from my phone 3?

And is there a solution to have more than 0-63 groups?


You need directed pickup

CLI>core show application Pickup
-= Info about application ‘Pickup’ =-

Directed Call Pickup

Pickup(extension[@context][&extension2@context…]): This application can pickup any ringing channel
that is calling the specified extension. If no context is specified, the current
context will be used. If you use the special string “PICKUPMARK” for the context parameter, for example
10@PICKUPMARK, this application tries to find a channel which has defined a channel variable with the same content
as “extension”.