PickupGroup notification

We are implementing Asterisk with some SNOM and Kirk DECT phones.

It’s possible make a pickup from calls as defined in a pickup group, but is it also possible to sent info to all phones of the group once a phone starts ringing ?


  • 100 is in a pickupgroup together with 101 / 102 / 103
  • 300 calls 100
    => this causes 100 to ring
    => I would like to see on the display of 101 / 102 / 103 that 300 is calling 100 (as long as the ringing is busy)




Did you have any luck with implementing this notification message? If so would you be able to elaborate on your method please.

It would also be useful to have not just the message but to have the other phones ring with a differing sound.


I assume that SNOM implies SIP and the DECT is a red herring.

Asterisk cannot send messages to phones that are not in a call.

Sending different custom headers may be possible if you interpose a local channel, and link the local channels with & rather than the actual SIP device names. If this works, you could also send different CLI.

I don’t know what if any support the phones provide.