Pickup Queue

Dear all,

i need your help about Call Pickup.
I have configured the queue 200 with some members (100,101,102). When i call the queue the extension 100 starts ringing, if i try to pick the call using *8… from another extension it appears the error: “No target channel found for 100@employees”.
While if i call directly extension 100 and i try to pick the call from another extension it works properly.

Is there any configuration that i have to do in queues.conf?

Thanks and best regards,

100, 101 and 102 are devices, not extensions. The extension that directed pickup matches is the one that is running the Queue application. Some other preconditions may not work for anything but Dial; you will have to try, if you can work with the new conditions.

You might be able to get somewhere if you interpose a Local channel, but such channels can prevent device status getting back to the queue application, which may cause undesirable side effects.

Sorry, i didn’t understand what you wrote.

My configuration is this: 3 sip peers (100, 101, 102).
One queue: 200, members of the queue 101, 102, 103. Stategy linear with this order 101 -> 102 -> 103

I call number 200 using the command Queue(200)…now 101 starts ringing. 102 would like to pick up the call using *8…but this doesn’t work otherwise if i directly call 101 i can pickup call from 102 using *8…