Pickup incoming calls (on a phone) with AMI


For a school project, I am creating a CTI software to manage a SIP phone (Aastra).

For now, I can’t bring on the pickup (off-hook) without touch the SIP phone.

I haven’t found the AMI command needed to do this.

I think it’s possible, some CTI softwares like CallControl (callcontrol.us/) allow to do a pickup on incoming calls.

Do you know the command to use?

Thank you.

There is no SIP method that will force a phone to answer.

There are additional SIP headers that will cause some SIP phones to answer an incoming call immediately. These may vary from brand to brand, and because they represent a security vulnerability, the phone should not honour them unless the feature has been enable in the phone.

You can pick up an incoming call on a phone that was not the original target for the call and which has been manually answered, by using ChannelRedirect.

Bridge action is the closest thing , of what you want to do. Also you can do a pickup using AMI check this thread viewtopic.php?f=1&t=80354

wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … ion_Bridge


Ok, I will try the Bridge Action.

Thank you.