Answer Call-Queue from AMI

I’m a totally * newbie, but want to move from Dialogic SDK to Asterisk.

Is the headline question possible?

My head-scenario with Asterisk is:

A. 5 SIP extensions (hardware, not softphones), with headset and auto-answer enabled.
B. 1 SIP trunk (multiplies channels and multiplies DID’s).
C. some kind of queue where all incoming trunk-calls are set on hold.
D. the 5 SIP extensions knows nothing about the queue, but a ‘booking-software’ should be able to ‘redirect’ (over socket AMI) one of the queue-calls (after own choice) to an SIP-extension. (The auto-answer on the SIP-phone will automatically pick up the call and the operator got the call/customer in the headset… without touching the phone or headset).

Furthermore socket-AMI should be able to voice-record the call, put it on hold (again) and finally drop the call.

Is this possible?

Send the caller to e holding bridge, USing BridgeWait() and the h option, then use AMI Redirect action to redirect callers


Thanks champ :smile: that’s working just like I wanted

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