Phones with multiple speed dial's

I currently have a aastra 9133i which is great it has 9 speed dial buttons which is good but i need one that has closer to 20. Does anyone know of a phone that has that man buttons? Please let me know.


i too would like such a phone. the only one I’ve found is Inter-Tel, they generally try to sell their own proprietary pbx system but many of their phones are dual-mode and support SIP too. Havent found anywhere that sells them though, if you find an e-tailer selling them let me know…

AAstra 480i has 6 softkeys which can be paged (6th key is ‘next page’) although that isnt as good…

SNOM 360 has 12 softkeys plus many of the hardkeys can be remapped. You can also get a sidecar which adds another 40 or so keys.


480i is the closest, or write an xml app and call that from the 480i and its unlimited, you would just need to keep scrolling down

There are many phones that have expansion module options available. For example, the Grandstream GXP-2000:

If you want to stick with Aastra, look through their products to see if they have any expansion modules.

The buttons can generally be programmed as speed dials or line appearances.

I was at Astricon last week and visited the Aastra booth. They will have a “sidecar” for the 480 around the first of the year.

awesome!! any pics?

no sign of any pics from Aastra, so unless someone who went to AstriCon has a snap …

i understand there are expansion module(s) that are due to be released early next year … along with maybe a new range of handsets.

Aastra phones are great.I been using my new 9133i for the past week and its great , the sound quality and features. I just wish aastra had more choices of phones.

the only problem i have with Aastra phones is actually with the audio. they seem to be too bassy, and i’ve had users report this as being muffled.

other than that, and i think it depends on the users voice, Aastra phones are great. well priced, good features, easy config.


I have set the handset tx gain to 7 and the sidetone gain to 0 and leave the hanset rx gain as default and they sound fine, Since doing this I havent had any complaints.

yeah a british accent is kind of pitchy!.