How are Aastra's Phones

I am looking at emplamenting 10 offsites (approx 200 phones) to Asterisk and am currenly looking at the Aastra 480i. I love the look and featrures of the phone and the price isn’t to bad either.

Has anyone used these phones? Do you like them? How do they stand up to daily abuse? Is the sound quality good?

Any info would be greatly apprecieated.

Thank you,

Havent used the 480 but have several of the 390 analog phones and have no complaints about them

i’ve got a small site using 15 9133i and 10 480i units. now that the BLF issues have been fixed with firmware 1.3.1, the only issue i’ve had to gradually “tweak” out is one of handset TX gain on the 480i. at +6/+7 i think we’re eventually there ! we’ve had a couple of comments about sounding muffled though. i’ve used one a lot recently and thought the sound quality was good.

robustness-wise, it’s a bit early to say, but they seem well made and i’ve bounced one or two off the desk without problems. multi-position mounts and angle-able displays help with user ergonomics a lot.

for a reception user, a Snom 360 and sidecar is the way to go though !!

oops … just remembered, the firmware update seems to freak out the same phones with regularity and they need “fixing” with the web recovery mode. so once you’ve got the firmware up to date, remove the .st file from your TFTP root directory … makes a restart much faster too.

We use the 480i CT in our office and have done several installations for customers using the 480i, 480i CT, and the 9133. We love the phones. Quality is great and they are getting better with each FW release. Like bacon says, a Snom 360 with a sidecar is the only way to go for someone who is handling calls all day.

Thanks for all the replys. Do you think they are comparable to the Cisco 7960?