Phoneprov and realtime


I’m trying to set up a fully automated provisionning for yealink phones.

I would like to use the phoneprov module included in Asterisk, but my setup is currently using Realtime configuration.

Is phoneprov compatible ? Where can I find documentation ? I’ve done a lot of research but found nothing usefull.

And if phoneprov is not RT compatible, is there an alternative way to autogenerate phone template file from asterisk db ? (preferably without coding it myself)

Thanks !

AFAIK phoneprov is not RT-compatible.
And: As every phone family / model has some specialties in it’s provisioning You will have to do the coding Yourself. In this case You naturally may use realtime data from the database (e.g. SIP-RT-configuration) for provisioning.

Thanks !

So I went ahead and wrote a simple 40 lines python script using pystache to manage templates. It works great but I hoped for a more integrated solution in Asterisk which easily allow to use custome templates for every brands and models and removes the need to maintain one more script.