Endpoint manager auto provision

Does asterisk provide this naively like freepbx?
Basically, you can provision multiple phone at the same time without going through each phone interface.
I want to create a custom version because I have programming background but I need to know the technical details.
I learned you can do this in DHCP server with option 66 but I notice freePBX can do it without it.
Could someone enlighten me or give me a couple leads?

I found it, it appears they have program it into their phones

ok if I use option 66, does asterisk have a way to provision all phone at once for buttons, or change certain aspect of all phones?

Built-in autoprovision module in my opiniin is handicapped, better way is write your own app.

When I was administrator and I had to provision yealink’s phone, there is in configuration possibility to assign functiin to each blf button.

Yes there is res_phoneprov that is part of Asterisk.

It can serve configurations based on templates with variable substitution to your phones over HTTP.

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