Phone autoprovisioning tools

I need to provision different phones with xml or cfg files.
users.conf + phoneprov.conf allow register sip phone. But I’ve read that users.conf is deprecated. besides I can’t provision buttons with this file. Maybe use setvar or some script? And I have callmanager patch for Cisco phones , buttons subscribe=exten don’t work from users.conf.
I know that there is a commercial module Endpoint Manager from Sangoma for FreePBX and old free module OSS Endpoint Manager. Is there any standalone new endpoint manager or a way to make xml files from fields in sip.conf? I don’t use FreePBX.
I found the way to Proxy HTTP 6970 (for Cisco) to phoneprov directory. Is where I way to proxy TFTP and FTP? If I point to phoneprov directory in tftp settings it doesn’t work because files from phoneprov.conf are generated on the fly and are not static.
Is there a possibility renew dynamic files without core reload command?

What are LINE and LINEKEYS for?

I’ve used res_phoneprov with pjsip successfully, I do have to issue a reload when I make changes to my endpoints but not a full core reload.

Can your phones not do http(s) provisioning? I’ve not seen any phones that are TFTP/FTP only in a long time. I don’t think I’ve heard of a proxy that can translate protocols like you want.